Who’s up for a spin on The High Roller? Odds are you’ll love the view from the world’s tallest Ferris wheel


Just when you thought Las Vegas had run out of ways to spin a wheel, along comes The High Roller – a giant Ferris wheel that, at 550 feet, is the tallest in the world. The High Roller opened March 31 and is the centerpiece of The Linq, a $550 million retail, dining and entertainment district on the Strip between the Flamingo Hotel and The Quad. The observation wheel has 28 pods that can accommodate 40 people each. At full capacity, …

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Tahiti Village is going to the birds this Saturday


Imagine an upside down world in which humans had the brains of birds (we know what you’re thinking; just play along) and birds the brains of humans, and in that world the birds could train the humans to fly, catch worms and say “Polly wanna cracker.” In short, teach them to do many of the things birds can do all for the enjoyment of the birds. It would make for fascinating viewing and undoubtedly draw numerous feathered spectators to watch …

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Meet drag racer Terry McMillen this Wednesday


Ever wondered what it’s like to go from zero to 300 in four seconds? Chances are you’ll never find out. But that doesn’t mean you can’t experience the zero part. You can when drag racer Terry McMillen visits Club 2 in what is the first of his two annual business trips to Las Vegas. Terry and his crew are making Club their home base while they participate in the Summit.com NHRA Nationals March 28-30 at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. While he’s …

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Make any day a fun day during your vacation visit


Everyone has a different idea of what makes a great vacation. Maybe it’s playing tennis all day and board games all night. Perhaps it’s draining five-footer after five-footer on a putting green. Or it could be getting lost in a good book by a welcoming pool on a warm spring day. Here at Club, we have lots of ways to help you make your visit everything you imagined. Even if it’s doing absolutely nothing, we can help you achieve your …

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Tennis court resurfacing project beginning this week


The project to resurface our Club 1 tennis court begins this week. The court will be stripped down to bare asphalt and relayered with a base coat and new acrylic surface coatings per United States Tennis Association (USTA) standards. It will also receive new striping and a new net. The court is scheduled to reopen Feb. 22. Even if the new surface doesn’t improve your game, we’re sure it will make it much more enjoyable.  Be sure to check back for the …

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New reservations team here to help you make the most of your vacation ownership time. You’re AllSET!


In the midst of our busy home and work lives, it’s easy to forget to go on vacation. Wouldn’t it be helpful if you had someone to remind you? Now you do! We formed AllSET (Allotment Services Entitlement Team) for just that purpose. Now if you forget to use your vacation time, we have a dedicated team to remember for you. Our AllSET agents are here to help you make the most of your purchase. So if you get a phone …

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Don’t risk your Big Game enjoyment. Join us for a great day of food, fun and football this Sunday at Tahiti Joe’s!


The question of where you’re going to watch the Big Game is just as important as who you want to win it. Your enjoyment of the largest sporting spectacle of the year can hinge on factors unrelated to events on the field. Like the width of people’s heads. Pick a venue where the TV screens are too small and you can miss the whole thing on account of a freakish cranium. “Hey, did you see the game yesterday?” “No.” “Why …

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Our good “Frend” wins 2013 Club Employee of the Year


Talk about prodigious. Club front desk agent Frendie De Salvo learned her job so quickly and performed it so well that she became our 2013 Employee of the Year in just her first year.    “From the moment she arrives,” Club assistant general manager Julian Ross said, “Frendie displays an infectious and genuine smile, a positive and encouraging attitude, and a demeanor that reverberates through all owners, guests and employees who are fortunate enough to come into contact with her.” Julian added …

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We wanna rock! Club 1 entrance gets fresh new look


Your vacation with us begins the moment you arrive, so where better than our front door to make a great first impression? That was the thinking behind our decision to install new landscaping by the Club 1 entrance. We ripped the grass out by the roots and replaced it with decorative stone, widened the stone path to double-door width, fashioned a rock riverbed and planted new foliage. The project required seven tons of stone and took just three days to …

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New Resort Hospitality Agents here to serve


The bright, smiling face in the photo belongs to Kainoa Cabanilla, one of our new Resort Hospitality Agents. It is our sincere belief that whenever you need them in whatever capacity, our new RHAs will bring a smile to your face as well, whether they’re checking you in, carrying your bags or leading an activity. “They exemplify what `resort hospitality’ is all about,” said Julian Ross, Club assistant general manager. “We think our owners will  appreciate everything they do to make their stay …

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