Enjoy the numerous benefits of staying at Club de Soleil instead of a Las Vegas gaming resort or hotel


While the thought of Las Vegas tends to conjure the clamor of slot machines and the click of poker chips, not everything in Vegas is centered on the gaming industry. In fact, even if you love spending time at the casinos, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider staying at a gaming-free hotel or resort like Club de Soleil for your next Vegas vacation. Here are a few benefits to consider for your next trip to …

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Time to get fired up for another 4th of July in Vegas!


In Las Vegas, where spectacular neon is the official indigenous light source, fireworks displays in the service of holiday celebrations are forced to work that much harder. Nowhere is the competition for people’s attention greater, and if the fireworks are not at least the equal of the surrounding stimuli, they can be rendered redundant.      This has not been lost on Las Vegas fireworks providers. Over the years the nocturnal explosions heralding another year or Independence Day have been consistently …

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Fresh Meals to Easily Prepare in Your Guest Unit Kitchen


One of the best ways to save money on a Las Vegas vacation is to put the kitchen in your spacious Club de Soleil guest unit to good use.  You’ll save hundreds by preparing your own meals instead of eating out during every meal.  Hardly anyone wants to spend their entire vacation cooking, however.  That’s why we’ve come up with these easy meals that are simple to make in a small kitchen. Chef Salad This is a great meal because it doesn’t require …

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Return of our weekly barbecue means you’ll be eating like a caveman (or Joey Chestnut) all summer long


The return of our weekly summer barbecue presents the perfect opportunity to return to your ancestral caveman roots (or mimic your favorite competitive eater) and chow down with us every Friday. Otherwise known as Chillin’ & Grillin’, our summer barbecue at Club 2 features juicy hamburgers and plump hotdogs with all the fixins – don’t cha just love saying fixins? – potato salad, potato chips and lemonade. You’ll see why an anonymous online review touted ours as “the best little …

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Make Las Vegas Your Destination for Memorial Day 2015


Summer is right around the corner and Las Vegas is ready to help you kick off the start of vacation season with a jam packed Memorial Day weekend! Singles If you are flying solo this year, you can mix and mingle with some of the hottest people in Vegas by stopping into a few clubs. For some daytime fun this Memorial Day weekend, the Encore Beach Club offers a truly luxurious setting where you can lounge in the sun or …

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Rock in Rio USA set to rock (and pop) in Las Vegas

Rock in Rio, an international music festival that debuted in Brazil in 1985, is celebrating 30 years with its first U.S. event here in Las Vegas. Rock in Rio USA will run two consecutive weekends, May 8-9 and May 15-16, on grounds at the corner of Sahara Avenue and the Strip. The 37-acre “City of Rock” site, a permanent addition to the Las Vegas Strip, has six music stages and can accommodate 85,000 people. This Friday and Saturday will find …

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Got an extra $350,000 you don’t know what to do with? Buy a ringside seat to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao


So the Fight of the Century is this Saturday and we all know how it ends. Floyd Mayweather or Manny Pacquiao – it matters not which one – will win a disputed decision that necessitates a second mega fight and guarantees everyone involved another enormous payday. Such a proposition would undoubtedly yield many takers even as a heavy favorite, which makes its absence from the myriad betting lines for the long-awaited clash all the more curious. Oh well, even if …

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Bingo! Vince and Fu-Yuan Ciricola win a week at Club


Visitors Vince and Fu-Yuan Ciricola were our lucky first quarter winners of a weeklong stay at Club de Soleil in our Win a Free Week contest. The Ciricolas, from Michigan, entered a drawing for the free week during our Tuesday bingo activity. Their name was then randomly selected at a later date by our front desk staff. The drawing entitles them to a complimentary seven-night stay in a spacious one-bedroom suite.   When they were informed of their selection, the …

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How to Have a Romantic, Kid-Free Night in Las Vegas


  Las Vegas can be a great family vacation, but what if you and your spouse want to enjoy some alone time to bask in the “adult playground” during your visit to Club de Soleil? Fortunately, Las Vegas is a town with plenty of great night life options, but it is important to make sure that the kids are safe while you’re out. Child Care Services While teenagers can probably be left alone in a hotel room for a few hours, younger …

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Taking your kids on vacation? Better bring gadgets.


As any parent can attest, a happy child is a distracted child – and nothing distracts better (which is to say longer) than a gadget. If you’re taking your kids on vacation to Club de Soleil, the key to your contentment is finding those devices whose unique trance-inducing qualities can significantly reduce the likelihood you’ll hear those two dreaded little words: “I’m bored.” Find the right ones, in fact, and it may just be you telling them to put the …

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