What to Know About Las Vegas’ Premium Outlet Malls


Las Vegas is famous for its towering casinos, 24/7 gambling, and glittery shows. With its bright lights, the extravagant entertainment, and never-ending cocktails, Las Vegas is certainly a “grown-up” amusement park filled with exotic and diverse attractions. However, another obsession is burning bright in the desert – one that pulls visitors in from around the world.  Shopping! Home of two expansive premium outlet malls, Las Vegas represents an exciting pilgrimage for shoppers of every age and style. Here’s what you need …

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Enjoy these must-see LV museums on your next visit


THE AUTO COLLECTIONS Located on the 5th floor of The LINQ, The Auto Collections is a car lover’s oasis in Las Vegas. More than 300 unique automobiles, ranging from original Ford Model T’s to the latest celebrity-owned supercars, are available as part of a rotating collection. The best part? All vehicles are for sale, if you feel so inclined, or at least dare to dream. Discounted coupons to the collection are readily available throughout popular Las Vegas circulations. NATIONAL ATOMIC …

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Suffer no more! Football is back and so are the great food and drink specials at 17° South Booze & Bites!


You’ve suffered long enough. The last meaningful football game occurred seven months ago, when the Broncos slobberknockered the Panthers to win that game we can’t mention by name – or else.  In the meantime you’ve had basketball, hockey and baseball to mitigate the withdrawal symptoms, but who are we kidding? It’s football you want and now it’s football you will get with this Thursday’s NFL season opener, a rematch of Denver’s 24-10 victory over Carolina way back in February.    The renewal …

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Summer barbecue ending for the year this Wednesday


The conclusion of our weekly summer barbecue, we regret to report, is this Wednesday, September 7. This will be your last chance to enjoy delicious hotdogs, hamburgers, potato salad, chips and lemonade with us poolside for another nine long months. So if you’re on property, be sure to join us from noon to 1 p.m. Pricing is as follows: Hotdogs: $5 Hamburgers: $5 Hotdog-hamburger combo: $7 We hope to see you there! We hope to see you there! And if …

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Heed these helpful packing tips for your next visit!


  Often competing with the anticipation of a long-awaited vacation to Club de Soleil is the nagging consideration of what and how much to bring. This debate can befuddle even the most seasoned travelers, leaving them to anguish over the consequences of either packing too little or stuffing a suitcase to the exploding point (also known as Going Anaconda).  It is this conundrum that determined the necessity of a packing tips article for the Club de Soleil blog. .The simplicity …

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4 Best Places for Treats to Help Beat the Heat in LV


When you’re enduring the triple-digit temperatures in Las Vegas, there’s nothing more satisfying than a sweet frozen treat to keep you cool. From frozen hot chocolate to alcoholic milkshakes, you can find just about any kind of frozen dessert in Las Vegas. If you’re staying at Club de Soleil and looking to satisfy your sweat tooth and also beat the heat, here are four sweet places in Vegas with some of the coolest treats around. Serendipity 3 Famous for its …

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Vacation ownership at Club now an even greater value


An increase in lodging rates in 2015 – up more than 18 percent over the previous year owing to a rise in travel frequency – now more than ever underscores the value of vacation ownership. Consistency of cost is a timeshare hallmark, and while hotel room pricing rose to an average of $102.64 per night in 2015 from $86.55 in 2014, your vacation club remained unaffected by market trends and subsequent supply and demand economics. Ownership means you are never …

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Remodel has given Club 2 lobby a fresh new look


When we asked him to put some pizzazz in our Club 2 lobby, interior designer Ron Nicola accepted the project with a single goal in mind. “Regardless of the property I design,” he said, “I want everyone to experience a WOW moment when they see the finished product.” Mission accomplished, Ron. Mission accomplished. Club 2’s lobby received a comprehensive makeover that has transformed its appearance from dark and dated to bright and contemporary. Enhancements include fresh paint and new furniture, drapery, and artwork. Ron also …

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Take some tanning tips to keep from getting toasted!


As a Club de Soleil timeshare owner, you know Las Vegas in summer heats up like a nuclear reactor on the fritz. So with temperatures expected to climb to near record levels early next week, now is a good to time to review some common sense tanning tips if you’re presently on property or soon will be and planning to lay out by the pool. Take the following precautionary measures to ensure you don’t get toasted! Use sunscreen The most …

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Your Guide to Memorial Day 2016 in Las Vegas


Memorial Day is one of the biggest tourist holidays throughout the year in Vegas. And, it’s no surprise why. Guests visiting Vegas on Memorial Day are treated to great weather with plenty of sunshine, and a wide variety of different events and activities to help you enjoy the holiday. If you are planning on traveling to Vegas for Memorial Day, check out the following activities for an exciting and memorable time. EDM Headliners No article about Memorial Day Weekend in …

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